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Freezing corn is a wonderful way to ensure you have homegrown and flavorful corn to last you the whole year. Here are three ways to freeze corn, each with merit:

  1. Freeze Whole Cobs

Freezing whole, unblanched cobs is by far the quickest way to save your corn. The pros of this method are its ease. Simply shuck, label, and freeze. As with any freezing method, make sure to squeeze out (or suck out with a straw) as much air as possible from the bag, which will minimize freezer burn. When ready to use, blanch frozen corn for 3-5 minutes and enjoy right off the cob, or in a chowder or crispy-sweet corn cake.

  1. Freeze Raw Kernels

Taking corn off the cobs before freezing will help retain ultimate corn-flavor and lead to a less-watery end product. Like method one, the corn in this method is frozen without any cooking, yielding a quicker overall process. Corn that is frozen raw, oddly, is best used in cooked dishes, like this corn soup.  

  1. Freeze Blanched Kernels

Blanching your corn before freezing is probably the most common preservation method… and for good reason. The texture of blanched-then-frozen corn holds up best, and kernels that have been first-blanched can be used directly in dishes like corn salsas and salads. To blanch, place whole kernels of fresh corn in a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes, and then immediately put in an ice bath. Once cool, remove kernels, bag, and freeze. 

Looking for more corn recipes? We’ve got you covered.

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