Assessment Statement Form

Growers use the Assessment Statement Form to report vegetable production area each year. This required form is submitted along with their assessment payment.

  • Growers who are already part of the Program receive these forms directly in the mail.
  • Growers who are new to the Program can download the form here to report their production area and submit their assessment payment.

The second page of the form contains detailed instructions.

Vegetable Packing Guide

These guidelines and information have been derived from guidelines published by local produce auctions, buyers, The Packer’s “Produce Availability and Merchandising Guide” (Vance Publishing), and USDA. These guidelines are not to be considered grading standards but rather informational in nature.

United States Standards for Selected Crops

The primary descriptions of the United States Standards for the top grades of selected Pennsylvania vegetable crops. Much of this information is taken verbatim from the official United States Standards but does not include the supporting definitions, tolerances and other information.