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The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program (PVMRP) operates in the best interest of Pennsylvania vegetable growers by:


What Does PA Veggies Do for You?



Creation, development and management of the statewide marketing campaign, August is PA Produce Month, as well as corresponding marketing and communications activities to support the annual celebration.

Marketing Materials

Print marketing materials designed and distributed to targeted public locations i.e. posters, banners, price cards, price stickers, information cards and brochures. Each grower is allowed a credit equal to 50% of their assessment payment for the year up to a maximum credit of $25 in ordering point - of - purchase materials.


Public Relations

Public relations efforts sustained on behalf of all Pennsylvania produce and farmers via partnerships, special events and press releases throughout the year and especially intensive before and during PA Produce Month (August).


Social Media

PA Veggies' Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube managed with custom content and regular re-posts from Pennsylvania vegetable farmers, chefs, markets, locavores, and more. Tag #paveggies to get our attention!


"Blanket" PA vegetable graphics designed for farmers and like-minded vegetable brands to use through various marketing channels (blog, email, flyers, and beyond).

Marketing Tools

Marketing and communication templates, plans and checklists developed to help guide your business through the season, plan for growth, and drive sales.

Retail & Wholesale Directory

The development, hosting and ongoing maintenance of two valuable directories that are exclusive to PA vegetables and connect farmers directly to both wholesale and retail consumers.

Research & Reports

Thorough vegetable growing research and reports are compiled by farmers, for farmers and posted annually.


The PVMRP communicates regularly with its farmers so you'll know when new resources are available and can continuously access valuable information as its released.

PLEASE NOTE: the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association (PVGA) is a separate organization from the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program (PVMRP). Membership in PVGA is completely voluntary and is a flat $50 annual rate. The mandatory assessment for PVMRP is $25 plus $1.50 per acre for each acre over the first five acres (or $1.50 per 1,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse or high tunnel production area over the first 5,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse or high tunnel production area).

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How does it work?

The benefits mentioned above are available primarily through grower assessments - an annual payment made by PA vegetable farmers. The payment is only $25 for the first five "production units" plus $1.50 per "production unit" above the first five.  A "production unit" is an acre of field-grown vegetables (both fresh-market and processing vegetables) or 1,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse or high-tunnel-grown vegetables.



# of acres, after first 5, of field-grown vegetables x $1.50


# of thousands of sq. ft of greenhouse or high-tunnel-grown vegetables x $1.50


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Time to Invest in PA Veggies

You're a farmer. An agricultural entrepreneur. You love what you do but there's no denying an agricultural business pushes your physical and mental abilities to extremes each and every day. As a result, critical business development activities like marketing and research get pushed to the wayside year after year. As individuals, you really have no choice. However, approaching these activities as a cooperative means everyone, all PA vegetable farmers, receive a multitude of marketing and research benefits in exchange for a lower individual investment.

The success of the Pennsylvania vegetable industry as a whole is directly correlated with the success of its parts - the farmers. Do you want to invest in yourself, in PA vegetables, the industry, and the like-minded individuals that make it special?