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Why Local Produce Tastes Better (It's Science!)

fresh vegetables

FRESH IS BEST. Every hour that passes after the harvest, the nutrients, sugars, acids, and aromas in fruits and veggies decline.

Most fruits and veggies at the grocery store have traveled an average of 1,500 MILES from the farm to your plate.

ONLY LOCAL PRODUCE IS TRULY FRESH. That means more flavor & nutrition.

Produce At The Grocery Store May Be Older Than You Think...


Many foods we eat in the U.S. are grown in the southern hemisphere. Transportation time can range from a few days (by plane) to several weeks (by ship).

Even produce grown in North America can spend up to 5 DAYS traveling after harvest before arriving at a distribution center.

A the store, fruits and veggies spend 1-3 days on the shelf before purchase, and up to 7 days in the fridge after that.

Typical time from harvest to supermarket

While Produce Sits In Storage, The Nutrient Density and Flavor Diminishes

Fresh spinach loses vitamin B & C within the first 24 hours of harvest


  • 90% of the vitamin C & B in spinach is lost within the first 24 hours after harvest.
  • 15-55% of the vitamin C in other veggies is lost within a week, even if stored at cool temperatures.


After just 2 DAYS in storage, there is a shift in the ratio between a melon's "acetate" and "non-acetate" esters (the chemicals you smell), causing flavor loss.

It Doesn't Get Fresher Than Local

PA farmers markets are the best way to shop

According to the USDA, more than 85% of farmers market vendors traveled less than 50 miles to sell at a farmers market.

More than 50% of farmers market vendors traveled less than 10 miles to sell at a farmers market.

For The Most Flavor & Nutrition, BUY LOCAL!

Fresh PA tomatoes

tomato Stop at a roadside stand

tomato Shop the farmers' market

tomato Host a local produce potluck

tomato Eat at a farm-to-table restaurant

tomato Look for signs at your supermarket indicating when produce has come from local farms

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