Pennsylvania Veggies (PAVeggies.org) is a state-run program that represents vegetable farmers across the Keystone state. Our organization is run by a board of directors and benefits both farmers and consumers. We help fund research for farmers on topics like current pest conditions and help consumers get acquainted with Pennsylvania produce through resources like recipes and cooking tips which we share through channels like social media, email, and our blog.

It’s our mission to connect consumers directly with nearby farmers. We want Pennsylvanians to get the most out of our growing season. At the end of the day, we want to see farmers to succeed and consumers to love the meals they eat.

Why buy from Pennsylvania farmers?
You’ll get the freshest, most flat-out delicious veggies. You’ll love cooking when everything tastes this good!
Local veggies last longer in the fridge, so you can stretch your budget further.
Buying locally keeps dollars circulating in our community, rather than sending that money to big international companies or to California and Mexico, where most produce is grown.
It’s easier on the planet because produce travels just a few miles to get to your plate (that helps with flavor, too).
When you buy locally, you’re buying from your neighbors. People you can trust. That feels good.

We’re here to help with recipes, tips, and a handy directory where you can search for your nearest farmer’s market, CSA, produce auction, and more.

Questions? Comments? Need help figuring out what to do with that haul of zucchini? Please get in touch!