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Bloomfield Farmer’s Market

It’s a Saturday morning and you are choosing between going grocery shopping and doing something fun with the family. Then you remember you can do BOTH at one of Pennsylvania’s many farmer’s markets. 

Agriculture is the top industry in Pennsylvania, and it makes sense that there are farmers’ markets scattered in nearly every county. We’ve rounded up a list of markets to know about including the oldest, newest, most convenient, and most dog-friendly markets across the state.

Don’t forget your reusable bags! 

OLDEST- Lancaster Central Market (Lancaster County)

Lancaster Central Market

Since the 1700s, Pennsylvanians have been supporting farmers through trips to farmer’s markets. The first farmers market in the state was the Lancaster Central Market which opened in 1730. Not only was this the first market in Pennsylvania, but it was the first in the entire United States! This market is still running and has it ALL. The market boasts loads of prepared food options and plenty of places to sit and enjoy your meal. Looking for a locally-inspired lunch option? Look no further.

This market is open 6am-3pm Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays

Special mention goes to Easton Farmer’s Market which is one of the oldest continuously operating open-air farmers markets in the United States established in 1752! 

NEWEST- Royersford Farmers Market (Montgomery County) 

Royersford Farmers Market opened this year in Montgomery County. You can find all kinds of locally sourced items here from microgreens to quail eggs and everything in between. The market’s tagline is “Rooted in Community, Growing Together”, and they aim to do just that. The market started in the Spring of 2023 by a group of volunteers and is now home to over 21 vendors.

This market runs May through November, 9 am- 12 pm every Saturday.

Farmer Owned – Co-Op Scranton (Lackawanna County)

One of the joys of attending farmer’s markets is meeting the farmers living and working in your area. One market to check out if you are looking to meet as many farmers as you can is the Co-Op Farmers Market in Scranton. It’s one of the only entirely farmer-owned markets in the state and as of 2023, has been open for 83 years (since 1939)! There are currently over 40 vendors who participate in this diverse market. This market has farmers who have been vending here for up to 3 generations. This open-air market is strictly grow-you-own, meaning all the vegetables for sale are sold by the farmers growing them. Check out their Facebook page for updates! 

This market is also unique in that its open weekdays, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 pm-6 pm July through November. 

Most Convenient – Downington (Chester County)

For locals, this market takes the prize for convenience with loads of pre-order options available. If you’re interested in eating Pennsylvanian-grown produce but don’t have the time to meander through a farmer’s market, pre-ordering local produce for market pickup is an excellent solution. To see the pre-order options, you can visit the Downington farmers market website. More time on your hands? Check out the cooking demos and learn how to enjoy your salad turnips.  Follow the market on social media with the handle @Growingrootsfarmersmarkets .

The market is open on Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm. 

Dog Friendly – Bloomfield Market (Allegheny County) 

The number one question on almost every farmer’s market FAQ: Are dogs allowed? At Bloomfield Market in Pittsburgh, the answer is a resounding YES. Dogs are so welcome that last year the market featured popular puppies on their Instagram account. (Don’t believe us? Look here.) Make sure your dog is up for a good time when visiting this farmers market. This market often has live music and farm animals for kids to pet, giving parents plenty of time to decide what’s for dinner.  

This market runs from May 6th through November 18th every Saturday 9 am-1 pm. 

From Pittsburgh to Bucks County, Pennsylvania has no shortage of vibrant and bustling farmer’s markets selling the freshest and most nutritious vegetables our state has to offer. When shopping for your produce we hope you check out the farmers markets near you and support your local PA farmer. 

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