Step 1

Go to Facebook.com. This will bring you to your Person Profile’s News Feed.

Step 2

Once there, redirect yourself to your Facebook Page. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Type your Page’s name in the Facebook search bar.
  2. Click on your Page in your Facebook shortcuts (left hand column of your News Feed).
  3. Type the URL in your browser, like https://www.facebook.com/PAVeggies. You can bypass Step 1 if you choose Option 3.

Step 3

Scroll down with your eyes on the right hand side of your screen. Locate the boxed off section that features your Page Response Rate, Page Likes, and Page Follows. This section is typically located under the Page Tips section. After the Page Follows feature, there’s a feature that reads:

See Pages Feed

Posts from Pages you've liked as your Page

Step 4

This feature is a clickable link that will take you to a News Feed that only features posts from pages that you like and follow, which should be similar or complementary brands.

Step 5

Scroll through the feed and like, comment or share posts that resonate with you/your brand. This will put your brand in front of more consumer eyes and build your brand reputation.

Download How To Engage as Your Facebook Business Page