We know it's not easy to feel motivated at the end of a long farm day. It's likely you're physically and mentally exhausted. So, we've generated a list of frequently asked consumer questions and product topics that can inspire marketing actions for you, the farmer. Choose a prompt and let it be the focus of your next blog, email campaign, social media post, newsletter, event, special, video, and more. Check back every day in August for worry-free inspiration.

There are also corresponding Graphics available to share in combination with your chosen message but be yourself. For example, take a one minute video personally addressing your audience about your victories for the day, or educating them about growing, harvesting, or enjoying a particular vegetable. Camera shy? Give them a walking tour of the farm with close ups on the beautiful produce and messaging inspired by a bullet below. There's a print-friendly version of the Prompts available via the Download Now button below.

Download the Promotional Prompts

  1. What is your growing philosophy and methodology and why?
  2. How did you get into farming?
  3. Which vegetables should not be refrigerated?
  4. What’s the best way to store these vegetables?
  5. Why should I eat your vegetables instead of the farmer’s down the road?
  6. What vegetables are in season right now?
  7. What vegetables are high in [insert preferred vitamin/mineral]?
  8. What vegetables go great with [insert preferred meat/protein]?
  9. How does [insert vegetable] grow?
  10. How do you decide what vegetables to grow each year?
  11. Can I freeze this vegetable? How?
  12. Does this grow more than once a year?
  13. Which vegetables compliment each other in a salad/roast/salsa?
  14. What vegetables shouldn’t be eaten raw?
  15. What vegetables can be eaten raw, but rarely are?
  16. How long do you harvest [insert vegetable] for?
  17. Why do you not wash certain vegetables/herbs?
  18. How do you handle your vegetables after harvest?
  19. When were the vegetables harvested? How long stored?
  20. How do you cure certain vegetables? Why does it matter?
  21. How long will [insert vegetable] store after I take it home?
  22. Why are there some tiny holes in my kale and collards?
  23. How do you decide on the prices for your vegetables?
  24. Why do fresh vegetables have so much more flavor?
  25. What’s your favorite vegetable to grow? To eat?