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{Subheading that highlights special features of your announcement}

{CITY, PA, Month, Date-} {Your farm name} is joining vegetable growers across Pennsylvania in celebrating PA Produce Month throughout August by {announce your activity, or activities, that you have planned. This could include events scheduled at your farm, specials you’re running at market, a marketing campaign, or simply where consumers can connect with you throughout August}.

{Explain why your announcement is so special and why the consumer should find it valuable. Consider listing the reasons in bullets, as easily digestible content}.

There has never been a better time than now to connect with your farmer and access ultra fresh PA vegetables. Farmers’ markets, CSAs, farm stands, farm to table restaurants, festivals, and on-farm dinners are just a few outlets that are evolving and increasing, making it more convenient for you to receive the benefits of locally grown vegetables. Such benefits range from boosting your local economy to improving your health, as well as supporting  the livelihoods of nearly 4,000 mostly small and mid-sized PA vegetable farms.

{quote from you, a customer, partner, etc.}

{Add any other statistics or points of interest here, such as the produce you specialize in, the amount of produce donated to food banks, whether you accept SNAP/EBT, WIC, or Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, etc.}.


{Your farm name + your story i.e. when you were founded, your mission, your values, your consumer outlets, and a link to your website and active social media platform}.


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