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During a time when so many variables contribute to a fragile global food system we want to celebrate and promote ways we can all manage to strengthen our LOCAL food system! There are so many wonderful farmers in PA that work day in and day out to put delicious local food on the table. Here's 8 small ways you can support local farmers and be a powerful lever for change.

1. Invest just $10 more a month in local produce. 

That $10 is more than a monetary exchange—it’s a vote for healthy individuals, healthy families, healthy communities, and healthy economies in our home state.

2. Stock up on seasonal goods and preserve the bounty! 

Buy local produce during its season aka peak of flavor and ripeness. Buy extra produce from local farms and either freeze, can, or ferment it. There's nothing like a summer tomato in the middle of February. See 3 ways to freeze sweetcorn, the ultimate guide to canning, and tips for safe, easy fermentation at home.

4. Host a local produce potluck featuring nutrient-rich, in-season veggies.

Get your friends and neighbors together for a potluck that highlights all the goodness from Pennsylvania farms.

5. Ask a farmer at your local market for recipes and ideas.

Farmers tend to be darn good cooks. Don't be shy—ask the vendors at your local farmers market for suggestions on how to cook up some veggies tonight.

6. Schedule time to visit a farm.

Check out our farm directory and meet the folks responsible for growing local food.

7. Discover and attend one of the many agricultural events happening this season. 

8. Tell a friend about your plans!

Share on Instagram/Facebook and tag the location. Tell your mom group or best friends/family, or share at your yoga class!

Bottom line, let others know that you're making an extra effort to shop local and support our farmers!

9. Visit PAVeggies.org and discover something new.

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