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For Immediate Release: Media Contact: Eva Dilmanian
May 19, 2021 718.599.2591
[email protected]

August is PA Produce Month

The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program Celebrates
Pennsylvania’s Vegetable Farmers All Month Long

Philadelphia, PA – August will once again be PA Produce Month, a month-long celebration of Pennsylvania’s vegetable farmers, organized by the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program (PVMRP also known as PA Veggies). Most of the state’s vegetable crops are at the peak of their season in August, so there is no better time for consumers to enjoy the abundant supply of fresh, homegrown PA Veggies. PA Produce Month is an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to support their local food and agricultural community by sourcing, preparing, and enjoying as much local produce as possible.

“Pennsylvania’s vegetable agriculture is exceptional. Our farmers grow some of the best sweet corn, tomatoes, cantaloupes, peppers and squash in the States right here in our own rural communities,” said PA Veggies Executive Secretary William Troxell. “We encourage consumers throughout Pennsylvania to show their appreciation for our farmers this August (and all season long) by visiting farmer’s markets, roadside stands, specialty grocers and supermarkets and making sure to buy local produce.”

PA Veggies provides a host of tips, recipes, guides and resources for buying, preparing and enjoying Pennsylvania produce at http://www.paveggies.org/. Consumers can also sign up for e-newsletters for the latest news on events throughout the state and share their recipes and canning, preserving and pickling ideas on social media with the hashtag #paveggies or by tagging @paveggies.

About the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program
The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program is a statewide marketing order established by a grower referendum, governed by a grower board and funded by grower assessments. The Program’s sole purpose is to serve the vegetable growers of Pennsylvania by promoting Pennsylvania-grown vegetables and funding practical vegetable production research. Consider liking PA Veggies on Facebook (PAVeggies), following along on Instagram (@PAVeggies), subscribing emails and the YouTube channel, and using #PAVeggies to find and share homegrown PA happiness experiences.


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