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Established by the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing & Research Program, PA Produce Month is a good ol’ celebration of one of Pennsylvania’s shining stars – vegetables! It encourages all Pennsylvanians – consumers, farmers, and the media – to express gratitude, excitement, and pride for 31 days out of the year when many local vegetables are in their prime, August!

PA Produce Month is for everyone! It’s a time for CONSUMERS to support their local food and agricultural community, especially vegetable growers, by sourcing, preparing, and enjoying as much local produce as possible; for the MEDIA to run fresh and unique stories about the many hardworking individuals who keep PA’s vegetable industry alive and well; for FARMERS to celebrate their achievements, host specials, events, and more.

PA Produce Month, as the name implies, occurs anywhere within Pennsylvania’s borders. While the PVMRP coordinates special happenings each year to celebrate and support the special occasion, we hope that people and organizations in various communities across the state find a way to celebrate that’s all their own. Don’t hesitate to contact us for ideas!

Find ideas for expressing your #paveggies pride in the video and feel free to poke around the rest of paveggies.local for additional inspiration, too.

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