Marketing professionals are often asked, “What strategies should I have in place to convince my customers to buy?”. 

This is not the wrong question. It’s simply a loaded question. 

YES, it is possible to find a relatively perfect mix of marketing techniques for your business. But your marketing technique is only half of the equation.

Don’t forget about the individual on the other end of that technique.

Ever hear a really great story? Not so great the second or third time around is it?

Similarly, there is an expiration date on marketing techniques IF the customer on the receiving end was already exposed to that technique more than once.

In fact, over-selling to a current customer can actually lead to CUSTOMER LOSS.

Lose customers? Certainly now we have your attention?

If you want to make sure you’re not turning current customers off, while also understanding how to grow a new customer base, you need a lesson in funneling.

Mastering marketing funnels - the big picture and the management of each stage - is a GAME CHANGER.

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