In 2013, the Vegetable Marketing and Research Progam used $30,000 of grower assessment dollars to fund the following research projects in partnership with the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association which provided another $55,000. Click on the project of interest to open a PDF file of the report.

Sweet Corn

1. Keeping PA Vegetable Growers Profitable: Statewide Sweet Corn Cultivar Trials
Elsa Sánchez and others, Penn State University and Penn State Extension

2. Adjusting Thresholds and Timing of Sprays for Corn Earworm on Processing Sweet Corn
A. M. Shelton and D. Olmstead, Cornell Univ.


3. Breeding Tomatoes for Early Blight and Late Blight (LB) Resistance and Other Desirable Horticultural Characteristics for Production in PA
Majid R. Foolad, Penn State Univ. – contact PVMRP for a copy of this report at [email protected] or 717-694-3596

4. Identification of Genetic Resistance to Tomato Bacterial Diseases in Pennsylvania
Timothy McNellis and Majid Foolad, Penn State Univ.

5. Evaluation of the Performance of PSU Tomato Breeding Lines and F1 Hybrids Under Commercial Production Conditions in Pennsylvania
Beth K. Gugino and Majid Foolad, Penn State Univ

6. Continuing to Build Upon BLIGHTCAST and PA-PIPE: Evaluation of an Improved Decision Support System for Late Blight
Beth K. Gugino, Penn State Univ. and Bill E. Fry, Cornell University

7. Plum / Roma Tomato Variety Trial 2013
Steve Bogash and William Brandenburg, Penn State Extension

8. Slicer Tomato High Tunnel Economics Trial
Steve Bogash, Penn State Extension – report available soon

9. Developing a Biological Control Program for Two-Spotted Spider Mite in Central Pennsylvania High-Tunnel Tomato Production
Cathy Thomas, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – report available soon


10. Optimizing Management of Cucumber Downy Mildew to Currently used Fungicides, Varieties and Production Methods
Sally A. Miller and Fulya Baysal-Gurel: The Ohio State University (OARDC) – report available soon

11. Developing Downy Mildew and Powdery Mildew Management Strategies for Organic Cucurbit Production
Sally A. Miller and Fulya Baysal-Gurel, The Ohio State University (OARDC) – report available soon

12. Green Slicer Cucumber Variety Trial Year 2
Steve Bogash, Penn State Extension

13. High Tunnel Trellised Cucumber Variety Trial
Steve Bogash, Penn State Extension

Other Crops

14. White and Gray Mold Control in Snap Beans
Helene R. Dillard, Cornell University

15. Colored Bell Pepper High Tunnel Economics Trial
Steve Bogash and Timothy Elkner, Penn State Ext.

16. Evaluating Potential Herbicides for Row-Middles with Plasticulture
Mark VanGessel, Univ. of Delaware and Dwight Lingenfelter, Penn State Univ.

17. Evaluation of Lettuce Cultivars for Both a Spring and Fall Crop in High Tunnels
Elsa Sánchez and William Lamont, Penn State Univ. .

18. Evaluate the Effects of Inoculum Pressure and Onion Maturity at Harvest on Harvest And Post-Harvest Losses Due to Bacterial Diseases
Beth K. Gugino and Emily E. Pfeufer, Penn State Univ.