New and Improved Puts Pennsylvania Vegetables, Farmers in the Spotlight

July 13, 2018

The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program (PVMRP) debuted a new website this July at With PA Produce Month unfolding all August long, the website has wrapped up just in time, and will serve as a perfect place for consumers to discover ways to celebrate one of Pennsylvania’s most delicious months. The new updates will appease the needs of many consumers, from the veggie curious who’s just beginning to dip their toe into the local bounty, to the expert who’s eager to seize the local veggie scene for summer entertaining and winter preparation. It continues to offer annually updated marketing tools and resources for Pennsylvania farmers as well.

Some exceptional new features of include:

Recipe Videos

Developed to educate and inspire in less than 5 minutes, these fun instructional videos offer 21 recipe ideas across 7 collections, each with a unique theme, like 3 No Fail Veggies Slaws and 3 Pestos Using Unexpected Ingredients. Find them on the PA Veggie’s Blog and on PA Veggie’s Facebook Page.

Farm Videos

In an effort to bring the farm to YOU, these videos go behind the scenes through on-site interviews with 5 Pennsylvania farmers, featuring footage of operations and first-hand tellings of farm life. These videos will be released intermittently on the PA Veggie’s Blog and PA Veggie’s Facebook Page this August. Check back regularly and follow PA Veggie’s on Facebook to catch them all!

New Blogs

The 2018 blogs give a fresh face to the extensive amount of good reading already present at, tempting consumers to explore every recipe, interview, farm glimpse, tip, and beyond.

Local Food Directories

Whether you’re looking in your area for an on-farm stand, neighborhood farmers’ market, or CSA, or hoping to connect with a wholesale farmer or auction, these directories address various needs in one clear, central location.

Vegetable Guide

Keep this guide handy as a perfect quick reference of the when, why, and how of local PA veggies. It outlines seasonality per vegetable, as well as unique tips for selecting and preparing.

Farmer Toolkit

If you’re on the other side of the fence, as a Pennsylvania vegetable farmer, then you’ll want to head directly to the Farmer Toolkit, on the Farmer Resources page, where you’ll find numerous items, instructions, and ideas to assist with your PA Produce Month promotions, and marketing all year long.

Consumer Survey

The PVMRP wants to make this experience as user friendly as possible for YOU. Please consider taking the survey or contacting us with your ideas and feedback.

Consumers can also be on the lookout for PA Veggie brochures, PA Veggies price cards and roadside signs, which serve as trustworthy indicators that local produce is near. If you can’t happen to find what you’re looking for through one of the PA Veggies’ resources, the PA Preferred website at; Penn State University’s AgMap at; and the Local Harvest website at are all valuable resources as well.

The PVMRP, along with many of the organizations and their corresponding sites mentioned above, lead continued efforts to support Pennsylvania’s largest industry, agriculture. These resources are not meant to solely entertain but, more importantly, to cultivate and nourish new relationships. On-farm stands, neighborhood farmers’ markets, many supermarkets, CSAs, restaurants, and specialty grocers, near you, all throughout the state, are offering fresh, local vegetables through spring, summer and fall, and especially in August. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the state’s successful industry and familiarize with the friendly people who grow your food.

By opting for produce from dozens of CSAs and over 1,000 farm markets and community farmers’ markets in PA, Pennsylvanians support both the environment and economy – reducing their impact of fossil fuels use and keeping money close to home. In fact, for every $100 spent at a farmers market, $62 stays in the local economy, and $99 stays in state. With the new website offering an abundance of easily accessible information and inspiration, both consumers and farmers can enhance their efforts and fortify the local vegetable industry.

Show your support for local by submitting your thoughts and feedback here.

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  • Brought to you by @papreferred and the PA Department of Agriculture, the 2018 Farm to Institution Wholesaling Workshop will take place on December 4th and 5th at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA from 8:30am to 4:30pm. In its second year, the workshop will help small to mid-sized farm operations who are interested in successfully accessing institutional markets but are unable to integrate plans to diversify with their current model while also accommodating institutional wholesale pricing. Applications will be accepted through November 20th and may be completed online (see link in bio). If farmers have questions about the workshop or need to apply via phone, they may contact Elaine Lemmon at or 267.606.0391. #paveggies #papreferred #buyfreshbuylocalpa #farmers #pennsylvania #localfood #wholesale #farming #agriculture #realfood #farmbusiness
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