Directory of Wholesale Growers

Directory of Pennsylvania Wholesale Growers

Following are lists of growers by individual crops compiled from information submitted by growers.  While the lists are not all inclusive, they provide wholesale buyers with a list of growers they can contact to obtain wholesale quantities of that crop.  Growers are listed by the size of their production of that crop and then in ZIP code order.  ZIP codes start in the western part of the state and move toward the east ending in the southeastern part of the state.

These lists were compiled as of July 25, 2015.  The database will be continually updated as growers submit new information.  To obtain an updated list for a given crop, contact the Program at

The state’s numerous Produce Auctions (link to Produce Auction list) are also an excellent source of wholesale quantities of in season Pennsylvania vegetables.

Click on the crop of interest for a list of growers of that crop: